Saturday, February 21, 2009

Funeral Mist - Maranatha

Metal since 1998 has produced a whole lot of favorites that seem to be forgotten six months later. Funeral Mist Maranatha is going to be the latest, although for the next 96 hours people will tell me I'm wrong, stupid, primitive and dumb for thinking that.

Funeral Mist - Maranatha review

This thing is nu-black: carnival music that aims to distract by being everything at once yet nothing. Only for children with the bitterness of old men whose lives have failed. Spend your money on something real and not this plastic garbage.

Name space station node for SLAYER


The American space agency is naming a new piece of its space station, called a node. They are letting Internet users vote on what that name should be.

Most people are ignoring it. Metalheads are not. If we act together, we can make them name it after something close to the surly heart of every metalhead... SLAYER.

Go here to vote:

Name ISS (

Select the last option, "Suggest Your Own:" and type SLAYER in the box below it, then click Vote.

All of us voting for SLAYER shows that there's a metalhead culture that cannot be ignored -- and possibly, could get a piece of space history named after that groundbreaking metal band.

Original article: Vote metal when naming space station

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Immolation interview

Death metal spread itself around the world, zooming in and out of media focus, and probably died and was reborn several times. Stalwart pillars of the death metal community remain, guiding it past the social hype and dead ends, and one of the most persistent is New York's Immolation. These death metal craftsmen have created detailed, artful death metal since the late 1980s and have influenced every generation of the genre. We were lucky to catch Ross Dolan for a few questions.

Immolation interview

Immolation has been a classic for me since Dawn of Possession. Their 2007 album, Shadows in the Light, keeps up the intensity well for a band in their 22nd year of activity.