Saturday, December 26, 2009

Why monogamy and chastity enhance life

Via GreenRoom666:

The issue of respect puts many high-end betas like me in a quandary. Presented with the opportunity to either sleep with a girl right away, or to get her number and date her for a while, one must choose between instant gratification or the risky investment in a new relationship – hopefully, one with lots of sex.

However, if the choice presents itself, one must remember that the opportunity to have sex immediately with a new girl was there. Even if she did not put out the first night, the very fact that she could have would be a hindrance to developing a respectful relationship.

Women can lose the appearance of value without even putting out too soon if a man thinks he (or any other man) could have convinced her to do so. In this sort of case, perception is reality; women who want respect have to make it clear that she NEVER has sex until she is in a respectful, committed LTR.

I couldn't agree more.

Having survived the years when people are most likely to be promiscuous, I can say this:

  • From people who followed a pattern of engaging in few, but serious and long-term relationships: eventual success and happiness in all cases.
  • From people who followed a pattern of indiscriminate, casual, promiscuous or random sex: confusion, abuse-like pathology and happiness in one case.

Sample size isn't small, either.

Think about it: you wouldn't give your friendship randomly. Sex is a symbol of procreation, which is inexorably tied to love, and family. Do you want to hand that out like junk food at Halloween?

If you take yourself seriously, which you should unless you want others to walk all over you and treat you like a used condom, you know that making a decision is the biggest power you have. And by turning down all that indiscriminate stuff, you make a powerful statement -- and are most likely to find someone who cares about you, not quickly passing physical pleasure.

Even more, chastity AND monogamy together -- by chastity we mean a relative unwillingness to hand it out, and by monogamy we mean one other at a time -- one preserves innocence and a sense of adventure to life, and also keeps oneself uncynical and therefore open to future good things:

Any sane nation will focus on two attributes to its value system: innocence and adventure. Innocence, especially sexual innocence, keeps us loving toward the idea of family and lets us raise people with high, clean, life-embracing ideals. Adventure is what we need to be motivated, because it makes the struggle endemic to life into a form of play. Our modern lives are without grace, without innocence and without a sense of adventure, so we are both bored and cheapened.

American New Right

I like innocence and adventure; they go hand-in-hand. So do love, sex, family and chaste monogamy. I like the good things in life. I don't like the cheap and degraded. I don't like the insincere. Does this make me stuck up, or someone who has self-esteem, values himself and wants the best for himself?

It seems my only critics are the low self-esteem cases who want to cheapen everything so that they feel at home, because they feel cheap and worthless themselves. Why aim so low? Aim for the skies and beyond. Adventure ueber alles.

Monday, December 21, 2009

I hate passive aggression

Notice the passivity of these statements:

"Human beings need celebrations," said Arthur Jackson, founder of the Humanist Community in Silicon Valley.

On Sunday the Humanist Community had its Human Light celebration, with lots of food and a show called the "Free Thought Follies."

They are among seven atheist and agnostic organizations launching the Silicon Valley Coalition of Reason.

"It's more a matter of letting people know we're around," he said. "Most people think free thinkers are an irrelevant group, but we are 15 to 17 percent of the population."

But when asked about the meaning of life, he had a surprisingly simple answer:

"Love. Helping others."

"There is no atheist agenda," he said. "We are just trying to make the world a little happier. How can you be mad at people who are supporting love?"

Mercury News

Are you blockheads? If the answer was as simple and easy as love, we would have no problems whatsoever now! If the problem was as simple as free, humanist, light or Reason being lacking, we'd have no problems either.

A hint to all blockheads: real problems are far more subtle, and far less susceptible to categorical removal of an "evil" -- un-Light, un-Love, un-Reason and un-Humanism in these "free thinkers" version of religion -- than pretend, symbolic realities that make you look good at the expense of others.

Which is what you passive aggressive nitwits are doing.