Thursday, August 16, 2012

Don't hate the egg, hate the player

The press is abuzz over some stupid study that claims that eggs are as bad for you as smoking. This study is easily proven wrong but even more our whole approach to health care is wrong. First everything in life is bad for you. If you keep it in balance you will be fine. Cigarettes don't give you cancer. Being fat, out of shape, poisonous in your emotions and having nothing you really enjoy in life, and also smoking on top of that, gives you cancer. Even more genes play the biggest role. Who mostly gets cancer? Obese poor people from minority groups. They live in toxic parts of cities, eat cheap boxed food, are fat and out of shape, and smoke horrible cigarettes like Newports. Our society has wronged these people and it wants to blame all cigarettes for what's basically a coordinated but semi-inadvertent effort to kill off the impoverished. Nutrition is misunderstood, we should correct that. Here is some enlightening truth about eggs and vegetarianism:
Unfortunately, the vast majority of popular books on nutrition insist that humans can obtain vitamin A from fruits and vegetables. Even worse, FDA regulations allow food processors to label carotenes as vitamin A. The label for a can of tomatoes says that tomatoes contain vitamin A, even though the only source of true vitamin A in the tomatoes is the microscopic insect parts. The food industry, and the lowfat school of nutrition that the industry has spawned, benefit greatly from the fact that the public has only vague notions about vitamin A. In fact, most of the foods that provide large amounts of vitamin A—butter, egg yolks, liver, organ meats and shellfish—have been subject to intense demonization. ... It is very unwise, therefore, to depend on plant sources for vitamin A. This vital nutrient is needed for the growth and repair of body tissues; it helps protect mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, throat and lungs; it prompts the secretion of gastric juices necessary for proper digestion of protein; it helps to build strong bones and teeth and rich blood; it is essential for good eyesight; it aids in the production of RNA; and contributes to the health of the immune system. Vitamin-A deficiency in pregnant mothers results in offspring with eye defects, displaced kidneys, harelip, cleft palate and abnormalities of the heart and larger blood vessels. Vitamin A stores are rapidly depleted during exercise, fever and periods of stress. Even people who can efficiently convert carotenes to vitamin A cannot quickly and adequately replenish vitamin A stores from plant foods. - Weston A. Price
Go ahead have that steak and a cigarette, then go run a few miles, love your kids, have fun, stop being so bitter and hateful like most vegans are.


It's a way of life in the right-wing community: informers and informants exist among us because many people want to stop us from being effective. Informants/informers generally come in two types:
  • People compromised by government. They committed a crime, got caught, and got offered a deal. They escape prosecution (basically go on an extended probation conditional on their informant activities) and get $$$ in exchange for spying on their former comrades. Governments have done this for 100s of years.
  • People who are crazy. Most of these are getting disability checks from the government and so can never actually participate in effective activism, because then they'd lose their free ride. These people just want to draw attention to themselves, and so they create drama, stir up trouble, and watch other people take the fall. This makes them feel important and satiates their desire for revenge on a world that has passed them by, because it's not on disability with nothing in life but a computer and a grudge.
Whichever type, informers/informants all behave the same way. Here's a quick guide to the behavior of the informer:
  • Asserts a true/false orthodoxy. They need you to classify yourself as an extremist, so they will offer up true/false type decisions and use them to polarize you. "Either the Jew runs our sandwich industry, or it doesn't. Are you pro-Jew or pro-liberation of sandwiches?" You are either with the radicals, or you're fake and they may even accuse you of being the informer.
  • Pushes you to do more radical things. They use these true/false equations to divide the group into those who want to get more radical and those who want to be reasonable, and use this to portray the reasonable people as wimps, fakes, poseurs. This both enables them to get convictions and to make themselves look more "for real."
  • Has no purpose and visible means of support. Normal people have goals in life and careers. Informants are getting paid by the government, or are insane people living on disability, and so they don't need these things.
  • Encourages futile "action." Informants want you to expose yourself so you can be arrested with clear evidence of your guilt. That way everyone else nods and goes, "They got a bad one there." They like futile action like blowing up strategically inconsequential targets, beating up inconsequential people, and engaging in riotous, illegal and criminal behavior for the sake of staying true to a lifestyle. All of these make nice tidy convictions.
  • Always draws attention to themselves, then vanishes. The classic informer behavior is to create an orthodoxy, radicalize the participants, then encourage "action" which is futile and then to vanish so that the police can make the bust.
Every single far-right, far-left or pro-drug organization is riddled with informants. The reason is that governments achieve much higher rates of conviction through informants than from crouching outside in the bushes with a microphone trying to get enough evidence to make you look bad so that no one will protest your conviction. If you remember Ruby Ridge, there was a lot of sympathy for the victims until the feds started leaking out information about how many guns they had and their connections to "extremists." It was the same way in Waco. At first people were outraged, but then the feds started banging that tin drum about underage polygamy and how many guns the Dravidians had, even if the Dravidians were licensed drug dealers and the stories about child abuse came from, you guessed it, informants. Anarchists have had to deal with this problem for years. It's not a right-wing or left-wing government method to send in informants, it's universal. If you're living in a squat with a dozen fellow anarchists, and one of your team goes out to buy drugs and comes back five or six hours later, it's a bad scene. Old anarchists knew it was time to leave the squat. What happened was that the fellow got pinched with the drugs, and the cops offered him a deal, and since he didn't want to spend the next two years in jail, he became an informant. You can spot informants around you because they're always chatty and getting involved in a little bit of everything but never stepping out ahead to lead a real group or take on a real task. They just encourage others to do that, ask questions, and watch. Then mysteriously that person, who was actually doing real work, gets busted. Sometimes right-wing groups have shut down because all of the members were informants, and when the FBI finally got the membership list, they laughed and shut it down because it was a waste of money to have informants informing on each other. Informants will often engage in illegal activity like petty theft and drugs that do not involve confrontation with other citizens. They have a "get out of jail free" card because they can claim they needed to do it to get the conviction. Drug dealers are familiar with informants because cops do not take drugs and so the cops send in an informant. He will buy their dope, shoot it with them and talk about taking a lot of drugs. Then ten minutes after he's gone the SWAT team arrives. Informants can take drugs and commit crimes, they just have to get that conviction in the end. If you want to avoid informants, avoid anyone who has all of the behaviors above, or is willing to inform on fellow right-wing activists. Anyone who is trying to spread personal information of others, or offer any kind of public testimony that other people are right-wing and or doing something illegal, is an informant. Be careful out there. Here are three informants currently active in the right-wing today:
  • Sebastian Ernst Ronin. Revealed personal information about right-wing activists to an open group that he knew contained ANTIFA.
  • Criostoir O'Domhnallain. Passed on personal information about right-wing activists to leftist groups.
  • Maury Knutson. Repeatedly reposted personal information about right-wing activists to left-wing users and groups. Also has a blog at
To which we must add a fourth:
  • Jake Kelk. In response to this article, posted wrong information about the person he assumed was the writer, but believed it was correct at the time and, by posting it on a public profile of a leftist activist, clearly intended it to reach the wrong hands.
Note these are their online names not their real names because I am not an informant. Just beware of these profiles and anyone similar to them. This information is for you to avoid these informers, not to retaliate against them, because that will just get you put in jail. Watch your back. My advice is don't do anything illegal. You're smaller than the government and they will win. Instead use your legal rights to be an activist and get others ready for change. The informants will try to stop you because what you're doing is actual work, and informants don't want you to do that. They want you to do something stupid and go to jail so you can't do any work. This is because governments like to stay in power, and what you want to work on will create a regime change that government fears. Watch your back, stay clean, do real work and look toward triumph down the road.

Why is declining in quality and losing readers

One of our writers goes off on the article farm that he's been writing for. Amusing in that it's true but pointless.
It's stuff like this, Examiner:
You're a Twilight fanboi site that promotes pseudo-pornographic garbage that's totally irrelevant to the readership of a page. I don't want my readers subjected to Nadya Sulemom's sagging anatomy, nor another article on Twilight, although that's what Examiner is famous for. You reward quantity, not quality, and then wonder why you get no respect. Any traffic bumps you're getting right now are an illusion -- like MySpace, you're transferring audience to the bottom of the internet traffic pool. That in turn penalizes your writers, who are hoping to use this as an upwardly mobile experience. In the meantime, please get the Twilight/Octomom porn off any page I write on. It's demeaning to my readers. - Examiner Community
This is why I write for blogs, not for article banks or other communities. The independent press is the best because we're not for profit and thus we don't count heads, thus we don't care if we don't have 500,000 people every day who want to read about Twilight or Nadya "Octomom" Suleiman. We wish a speedy path to the pits of hell and failure where it belongs, along with all other for-profit "journalism" by "citizen journalists" who are basically unemployed drama queens with Oxycontin habits.