Thursday, June 05, 2014

Shane Bugbee talks with Nergal of Behemoth

Behemoth founder Nergal talks the meaning of Art and his hope that Christianity lives on with Underground filmmaker and author Shane Bugbee.

Recently, one of Black Metal's most outspoken performers sat with underground journalist, filmmaker, author and iconoclast Shane Bugbee for candid interviews about art, censorship and Satanism.

Nergal (Adam Darski) of Behemoth, who has been on trial for blasphemy in Poland, is an Energy Drink spokesman, and recently became a cancer survivor.  He spoke with Shane in May while touring the USA. Due to Shane's own career of controversy, spanning a quarter century, publishing obscene books, working with Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey, bringing the first black metal bands to the U.S., among other feats of transgression, Shane Bugbee was able to get the answers others never can.

The interviews can be viewed in several short videos, seen in pictures and heard via mp3 on a couple of websites Bugbee runs, Creative Class Trumps Ruling Class (, and his personal website, The Occult Stylings of Shane Bugbee (

Video & Audio Links:
• nergal defines and defies defining art…
• the hope that christianity never dies… nergal of extreme metal band behemoth talks the religion of doubt:
• Full audio interview and photos:

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Your time is dwindling away fast.

Your Nation is at risk.
If you don't stand for something, you will FALL for anything.
ALERT: for all non-Texians domiciled on Almighty God's Texas republic lands. Your time is dwindling away fast. You have only a short time left to freely choose whether you wish to be part of the free sovereign republic of Texas Nation and retain all your God given and constitutionally declared rights or choose to be a permanent corporate slave to your new master nation "THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION" consisting of "MEXICO-UNITED STATES-CANADA" with its seamless borders and without any God given rights; you will only have privileged freedoms under that government IF you have paid all your licenses, user fees, interest, taxes, plus taxes, plus taxes etc.
We can stop this together.

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Monday, June 02, 2014

The Playground of Misfit Toys

In Hingham, Massachusetts, residents know of an abandoned tennis court which is covered with children's toys. Locals only go there when they have to. Its history baffles most of them. It is known as The Playground of Misfit Toys.

Unbeknownst to them, this area is likely a trophy yard.

Often serial killers who hunt children will specialize in children who are poor. Those are less likely to be noticed missing and their cold case files are frequently overlooked. If the serial killer has a dumping ground where the bodies are never found, the cases may vanish into the vast cloud of missing persons cases filed every year.

The toys are trophies of the serial killer's victims. Each of these children probably had one toy that was sacred to him or her. The killer can watch the child from a hiding place to find out what toy the child values the most. Then they approach the child and hold the toy hostage.

"You can have your Big Wheels back... but only if you come with me."

So they come to him, pairs of children and toys. When the child is killed, the serial killer relishes his trophy. And yet there is no tension in that, no fear of getting caught and none of the thrill of the game. He displays them in public to bring back that thrill. The risk and forbidden nature of the crime thrills him as he re-lives the delicious moments of the kill in his mind.

He puts the toys there to see if anyone will notice, care, and connect the dots. To see if it will bring them back to him.

Because soon... he must kill again.

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