Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Why, Yes, I Do Hate Freedom

In our present age, nothing is more controversial than saying that you hate freedom. But the fact is, I do, for several reasons that may require a little unpacking.

First, I do not trust vague phrases as the basis of politics or law. What does freedom mean? A million things to a million people. This guarantees that its meaning will be manipulated by savvy controllers.

Second, freedom for me also means freedom to fools, idiots, morons, incompetents, perverts, parasites, predators, and lunatics. I do not want them to have freedom; I want them to go away, as is proper under both common sense and natural selection.

Finally, I do not need freedom, which makes it a false goal. Like everyone else on this planet, I have relatively few things I need to do, as adjusted for my abilities and duties. I need to do those, and have people not interfere with me while doing those or harmless things. But I do not want tolerance for mediocre or harmful things.

There are only so many acts possible in life, and all of them and their consequences are known. The ones that produce bad or mediocre results should just go away, and the ones that do nothing useful can be tolerated but not encouraged. We improve as a species when we zero in on the ones that produce good or excellent results. Those alone are worth having around.

I view freedom as a separate issue from speech. Do I believe in free speech? Sort of: among the intelligent who have something to offer, I think discussion should occur, which means that anyone can say anything if they put it in a constructive form. That means not repetitive, spammy, emotional or otherwise not relevant to the discussion.

But I hate freedom. I hate all illusions and every unnecessary. Cut out the drama and get back to the (much more difficult) process of discovering real life, and living it well. As Darwin pointed out, in nature there is only increase in quality, not a discovery of new methods that change the whole picture That is a human conceit. And like all illusion, it leads us to ruin and away from joy.

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Call An Authentic 80s Commodore 64 Bulletin Board

Maybe you thought BBS culture was dead. Not yet:
After a little over a year of being offline due to a complete hard drive failure, Cottonwood BBS is back up and running. Operating on a Commodore 64 computer running Color 64 software, it's accessible via Telnet at
In addition, Borderline BBS continues to run via Telnet *and* dialup. The Telnet address is, and the phone number for dialup access is 951-652-1690. Borderline BBS is also running on a Commodore 64 computer, but it's running All American software.
Both BBSs are up and running 24/7, so give them a call today! :)
If you're using a recent version of Windows, you need to enable telnet.

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